A new season I would say for real with all that is happening with covid 19, & this has directly impacted on my major project which I am undertaking with Roy Fry. Our plan & intention was to record a 5 track Ep with artist musician Nick Holmes. My communication with Nick has been very effective through mobile, messenger & email.


After the Prime minister’s orders on social distances & isolation Roy & I resort to the use of zoom networking platform for the reasons of communication. Our communication was mainly to run through the new idea of home vocal recording which we intended for Nick to embrace as we were not able to use the studios at SAE & also considering the fact that he has very young kids, not worth the risk. Fortunately Nick did have an audio interface & a condenser microphone (forcusrite) despite the fact that is not the choice of mic. To get the best outcome from the mic output I asked Nick to at least purchase a pop filter for the microphone to avoid pops. We also directed him to use a blanket or a mattress as a reflector to absorbs sound waves bouncing from wall since he did not have acoustic treatment in the room. The next step we asked Nick to create a safe spot between him & the microphone to balance out less & too much gain from mic to the DAW. The reason being that we do not want gain clipping audio & low gain audio as our final product. We needed to ensure correct positioning so that we get a good recording which would ensure good mixing & mastering.

The inter disciplinary practises we intended with the film student has been put to halt as of now because of cover 19. However I asked Nick to just use 2 cameras on a stand placed in different angles recording whilst he recorded his vocals. We will try our best to come up with a musical video. Also engaged with a design design student to come up with a EP cover ideas & she will come up with a couple of them hopefully by the end of the week. Probably this isolation period will help me research on how to make musical videos. If I do nail on making the video I would definitely make use of it as part of my portfolio. I am looking forward to that though a bit nervous.

It was an exciting & nervous experience at the same time as I am used to be in the studio physical space guiding the artist, but rather doing the same thing through zoom. My thoughts on the future of this transformation are in-between. I think on the negative it does restrict the one on one experience with artist creating that trust & bond, limited to types of microphones. If we were to be at SAE there is a wide range of microphones & the right environment to record vocals. On the other hand it has been an interesting learning outcome to embrace online platforms such as zoom as a contingency plan. If the future of audio resorts to this, I am happy to say I have adapted to the change & hope to continue exploring the new techniques of sharing audio & video.

I hope to update the next blog on how the vocal recording went & share my views on it. I am glad that working with Roy & Nick has been very fruitful & encouraging. So far our project is going along with the project plan currently.

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