During class of AUD210 we had the opportunity to study and create Synths. In our first Synth session we discussed and learnt the basics of Synths and how to create different sounds and instruments from scratch. In our second session focusing around Synths we were tasked with creating our own Synth .The Synth that i decided to create was an organ sounding Synth. After playing around with some of the Synths in Ableton and Protools, I decided to do some research on different sounding Organ Synths. My research consisted of rewatching some of the Lynda tutorials, along with some Youtube videos and some googling. I also listened to YouTube videos of Organs as a reference.

The first thing thing I did was open Operator in Ableton Live. I began adjusting the wave forms until I begun to get a sound that I liked. I used two oscillators to create my Organ Synth. Oscillator A had a basic Sine Wave, with an Attack of 624ms, a Decay of 28.3s and a Release of 969 ms.

The second oscillator, Oscillator B, used a Sawtooth Wave. It also had an Attack of 271ms, a Decay of 600ms and a Release of 855ms.

Combining these two oscillators created my basic Organ Synth. I tidied the sound up using the MIDI Effect “Major Chord” and “C Major”.






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