A new season and a new trimester for Studio 3 for me and very much looking forward to it a bit nervous and unsure. Last trimester had a fair bit of its challenges but I managed to get through it pretty well. I feel that this time there is more that I must do as requirement to produce a lot more content upon building an industry standard portfolio. The pressure is on to deliver.

There are 2 projects for this trimester and one is the trailer The Quiet Place 2. Upon watching the trailer I did feel that it had some very intense moments. Now the idea is to reproduce the forley and that i believe is heaps of work to do. A lot of creative ideas must be explored to bring this to play. As for the second project I have the idea of creating a 3 minute musical video that has the theme for multiculturalism. At first I thought of discrimination but I felt its better promoting multiculturalism that will eventually overcome discrimination. I do think there is much project management that is expected and required to keep the project intact in order to produce the deliverables.

S6 class tutorial (Calibrating studio monitors)

I have taken steps to upgrade my workflow by creating a website which is also linked to my not for profit organisation that promotes Gospels music from young adults to youths. My website will help to promote my portfolio and I believe it is more like a resume. I will add up links to other social media platforms such as facebook, Youtube, Spotify,Linkedin, Instagram as an ongoing promotion and awareness. Designing a website has been my weakest subject last trimester but this time I decided to take up the challenge. I am hoping to build my home studio despite the financial challenge. This will help me create more content at my own space and time.

On the second tutorial session I had the opportunity to learn about the S6 studio which is built around the Avid with Pro tools compatible control surface. It does look like a very expensive machine with very interesting looks. There is a 5.1 dolby system with a couple of monitor speakers. The main lesson for the day was calibration and placement of studio monitors. I realised that it is a critical activity to do so I can get the best experience in the listening environment. Using pink noise from a noise generator in Pro tools it will help measuring the sound pressure level and there is need to have headphones or earplugs to protect the ears.Learning about the SPL (sound pressure level) was enlightening once again measuring from the mix position or sweet spot. Positioning the SPL meter with the microphone pointed at the center and each monitor is independently to ensure that all monitors are are set to the same acoustic level and will ensure that the stereo mixes are balanced and will translate well across. Depending with the room 85dB may be loud enough but also may be too loud for a small room and be worked around 75 dB. A subwoofer may range from 80 dB but to my understanding if the full range monitors are 79dB then the subwoofer maybe reduced by -3 dB.

So much to learn and I look forward to it. Determination is my first chapter of the book of excellence.

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