Setting up an audio interface has its own challenges whether you followed the proper signal flow chain or not. I did spent almost 8 hours trying to get signal come through pro tools from my audio interface. I had an M-Audio fasttrack and a Behringer xenyx 12 channel mixer interface.

I figured that If I do not ask for help I would definitely continue to be stuck. One may assume that once you connect the usb interface to the computer signal works automatically. However there are a couple of processes that need to be attended to get the right settings. I then asked my colleague Roy to help out with setting the interfaces to work with pro tools. We spent a good 3 hours trying to figure how to have signal into pro tools. Both interfaces did register on the pro tools setup, the challenge was on the I/O settings. Both default for the bus and output worked but the input nothing was registering and that was a mystery. After many attempts we decided to seek for help from the Tech department, they were busy at the time so they were not able to address my problem.

I then asked Rose my lecturer for help and she was willing to help on the following day. After class I then took the opportunity to ask Guy Cooper for help with the interfaces. Immediately he knew the problem and took me through the process. Firstly he connected the xenyx usb interface then went on to a window titled audio devices, on the left panel of that window were built in output which had both input and output panel. On the Output panel under each audio device such as built in microphone, pro tools aggregate I/O and the usb audio codec which was my interface. Now my thoughts were if once we click on the usb codec interface it will work, rather not exactly my thoughts. Instead Guy explained that there was need to create a new audio interface with 2 ins and 2 outs which did register already on the panel using the usb audio codec drivers. That simple setup worked and did not take 5 minutes. Signal from the microphone to the audio interface sending it to pro tools and all was working.

In conclusion When you get stuck in setting up your audio interface after connecting it to the computer and your pro tools playback engine selected to your interface, consider the search icon on the far left if using Mac and type in audio midi setup. Your interface will register and you can see it but then you need create another device that has both input and output registering then tick the 2 ticks of your interface like my example ( usb audio codec) which has In and Out. Rename your device to a name related to your interface so you do not get confused. the next time you do not get signal just straight to the audio midi setup panel. Credit to Guy Cooper!

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