Artist: Maroon 5
Album: Won’t Go Home Without You
Released: 2007
Genre: Pop
Recorded: 2006

A side project for Roy that we recorded with aesthetics from 2000 pop genre era called Foolish ‘Ole Me making reference to Won’t Go Home by Maroon 5, released in 2007.

I played drums, mix & recording engineer roles and keyboards as my contribution to the project. Getting the right gain structure for the drum microphones, guitar mics and DIs I would say it was excellent. The microphone choices and positioning was a reflection of the research we had carried out alongside decisions made on the day to offer us the flexibility and closest tonal quality for the targeted sound. The aesthetics of the song in contrast to the reference track was not that bad only the vocals were rather not pop like sounding. Recording Pop songs requires a lot of attention on tonality on the vocal itself. Using melodyne to tune the vocal pitch did a bit of magic so as to sound similar to the vocals on the reference track.

The lyric content of the reference track seem to be about the singer’s desire and love trying to impress for the one he loves and so the recorded song shares the same sentiments making it a mellow dirven song.

As for the drums I think it was best if I had tuned the drum well and select a better snare drum and also a bottom microphone to have better balance when mixing. The microphone techniques we used were alright but we learnt that its best to always do our research well before we make an attempt to record. Therefore we had to spend a little more time on drum EQ to get those bright snappy sounds that would balance well with kick drum.

The bass guitar on the reference track sounded warm in texture and to get that same feel in the song and so to get that medium low-frequency range we set 2 microphones track with Sennheiser MD421 and Shure B52A on the Roland amp and Di box track. Blending them together in the mix gave out that warmth colour.

As for the keyboard I used onboard sounds on my Korg PA588, acoustic piano sound and Church organ. Very little EQ was done on the keys just to brighten it up.

The project was fun considering that it was just the 2 of us doing it. I would say playing together and recording would have probably spiced up the project more. Playing drums over a recorded guitar was alright but if we played like a team same time there definitely would be big difference. It was a great experience working with Roy and it was such an encouraging trimester for me.

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