Group of People Waving the Flag of Jamaica

Jamaica used to be a British colony until 1962 (which is after the rise of Ska), (Potash, C 1997).
Ska has characteristics of R&B piano, guitar, bass , drums and brass instruments. It is said it originated as a new sound that critiqued the indigenous sounds that dominated as Mento and Jamaican blues. With more experimenting in that era emerged one of the most recognized and renowned musician Bob Marley who was a key development to reggae music. The Wailers band started by him & Peter Tosh & Bunny Wailer in 1996a 63 they made the transition through three stages of early Jamaican popular music, Ska Rocksteady and reggae (King, S., Bays, B., & Foster, P. 2002)

The target audience for reggae was poor, working class Jamaicans, however the genre ended up being listened to in all countries by people of all ages and race. It is associated with hardship, and good times and the perseverance of celebration of conquer struggle from western and societal pain of living. Reggae music became rapidly global as Jamaicans living in great Britain caused labels such as Trojan to capitalise and broaden reggae music (Chang, K., & Chen, W. 1998). Record labels in UK began to experience a new wave of reggae music through experimenting thus creating more subcultures that kept the genre grow much faster. Growing trends of dreadlocks and smoking weed made reggae music a fashion brand as the target audience began to be associated with reggae as a fashion.

The heart of reggae music lies on its influence on social issues (King, S., Bays, B., & Foster, P. 2002) . they suggest that he made reggae a universal language having given a voice to the specific political and cultural focal point of Jamaica. I do remember the time he was invited by the Zimbabwean former president to come a grace the independence from colonial rule from the British. bob Marley even composed a song call Zimbabwean as a sign of solidarity.

The lyric content in Bob Marley’s reggae music helped spread awareness of the Rastafarian religion (King, S., Bays, B., & Foster, P. 2002). Many believed that he was the main factor in the spread to USA, Canada most Europe, Africa and Australasia. Political and social ideas of the movement spoke more on inequality that the black community experienced negatively and exposed to. They also suggest that it is a representation of a mystical union of the human and the divine. Rastafarian seeks a unity of personal, social and interpersonal aspects of being. Also having been born from a white father and a black mother, Bob Marley addressed oppression that his mother suffered whilst raising her children single handed.

Reggae music is a manifestation of Pan African aesthetics ( Gooden A 2014). Gooden suggests that African aesthetics reflect African cultural values of the society that reflect reggae as a product of African people history and identity. The beauty and enjoyment of reggae is a philosophy that thought to have the ability to affect our emotions, intellect and psychology. Reggae music continues to live on as more upcoming artists emerge with new style but maintaining its originality.

I am looking forward to that day to produce a reggae style song and will be pretty experimental as reggae music came from experimenting.

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