I felt like the new trimester which we have just commenced would be more of preparation towards working in the media industry as the first day of class with our tutor. We asked to design a website to that will represent each individual using any platform of our choice, add schedules to google calendar and becoming familiar with the course module available online.

The new challenge that I encountered was organisation plus time management as a practitioner on a given project. organising a google calendar does give me the order of the day, Week & month, becoming familiar with the module’s online website and to be able to navigate it.

With all these new challenges that I am facing I discovered that everything revolves around TIME. It is non-stop and it continues to pass without going backwards. Within that frame time is a big part which then determines whether I am organised or not. I created a website that represents me, with a dedicated page of blogs that will be published with each day’s activity. I felt that if I participate in these new experiences that are outside of my comfort zone or routine I will learn a whole lot more.

I started experimenting how to design a website using a couple of platforms such as wordpress, wix, google sites, wordpress, then did resort to wordpress. I find wordpress to be user friendly and gives me an option to have a blog page setup. Writing a blog is so much of a challenge as I tend to write the activities that I undertook making it more like a diary. Therefore I have resorted to thinking critically about my actions as to how much impact do they have on my career.

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