ADR ( Automated Dialog Replacement), Foleys & Sound design I have got pretty good understanding what they stand for as I got it introduced in my 5th tri. The first project required us to be team of 2 or 3 members which then I had an opportunity to work with Roy and Alice. As a team we decided to do the Black Hole project a short film which required replacement of sounds by recreating them to interact with visual.

Creating a group chat in slack helped us communicate and I am happy to say the communication was great with not struggles or glitches from any of the group members. A group folder was created in google drive to keep up with updates, backing up files and sharing information. We presented a project proposal to Rose just like its done in the industry then we received an approval.

Communication helped us to organise booking for the C24 studio in week 2 & 3 and recreate sounds. As a team we made markers in the memory location panel in Pro tools session which helped us in identifying what type of sounds to create going along with visual short film clip. After creating each sound we would tick off on the printed runsheet to identify as completed. It is a good practise to label every step you are undertaking so that you avoid redoing or missing anything.

Roy composed a 12 bar boogie track to go along with the clip with electric guitar, bass and programmed drums. It was an interesting idea just to have a different feel from the original clip. We booked 8 hr session in the C24 studio and made sure we created as much as we could by the end of the day.

We used two microphones one distant the other close and both were Rode brands, the NTG-1 and the NT2A. The close mic was our main microphone designed to filter out surrounding sounds and only capture sound it is directed to. Challenges arose when creating an alien kind of sound, blowing of drinking water flask, groaning sounds on microphones, sliding door miking, we did what we could to try and achieve the desired sound. I also embedded a synth sound from a Roland plugin in logic which Nick heard before and suggested to play around with it.

Alice did some time stretching on the wave transients in and out and reversed the clip on the character pulling his hand out. Roy suggested to use Time Compression/Expansion trim to give the clips an alien strange feel. This process really helped work together as a team and having three heads put together can bring lots of creativity.

The Black hole project i would say we did exceptionally well being professional to each other and treating with respect. Communication was very effective even in cases of delays we still kept the communication open through Slack, Skype. We fully utilised the C24 studio when we booked it and helped each when getting stuck on allocated duties. The milestone plan did work well it could have been better especially on creating the alien sound. I would say if we spent a little bit of time on that we could have achieved much better results. We used the feedback from Rose and Nick on the first mix and this helped us to work on the areas that needed improvement.

What i have learnt that sound design is a big thing considering us doing a short clip. i can imagine the amount of work done for a full movie. A lot of creativity is quite a process which needs brainstorming. Great thoughts leads a project to success. An audio engineer’s job I have come to learn that it fits in the film, animation and game design industry and I need to be very knowledgeable of my work. Learning foley, sound design and ADR was a great experience for me and I resonate when watching films or movies the relationship between the visual and the audio is of great importance to keep the audience engaged. Our presentation could have been better, If only I had not made assumptions that the file was properly saved. I have learnt that communication still needs to be effective and make sure everything is all saved correctly. Correct steps in saving the project in pro tools are very important so that we get the correct file. Despite the setback we worked as a team to get the correct file and the whole experience united us. I do applaud the team effort in this project.

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