A Quiet Place II Post Mortem

I had the opportunity to work on a sound replacement exercise for the A Quiet Place 2 trailer & the whole idea was to make my interpretation of the movie through the use of dialogue, foley & sound effects. I also had to look at the audience perspective if they are to watch the trailer […]

Alex Mills studio recording session

We had the privilege of recording Alex Mills, an artist born and raised in Barbados then relocated to Australia. Alex is a guitarist, singer & has recorded a couple of songs in USA. The plan was to record one of his written songs in the Avid S6 studio & that was exciting as I had […]

A Quiet Place (Sound replacement)

A perfect footage and excellent camera work can lose power when there is no sound accompanying it. I have come across a couple of films that I lost my tastebuds just because of bad sound. The first project for this class is sound replacement for a horror film trailer “A Quiet Place 2”, which is […]

Arrival 2016 (Case Study)

This case study will explore the trailer of the 2016 science fiction movie Arrival, derived from a short story by Ted Chiang called “Story of Your Life” which won a Nebula and Theodore Sturgeon award. Eric Heisserer was the screen written who adopted and made significant changes to the script and this contributed to the […]

1 Hour Mix Challenge

There is a saying which goes “challenges are great opportunities for success”. Today I did get challenged to a one hour mix challenge. I saw this as an opportunity to improve my abilities as a mix engineer. I did as best I could within that timeframe as practising for industry standard achievement. With all honesty […]


Second week of the trimester and today we looked at the subject of mastering. What is Mastering ? Mastering most often refers to the final stage in the production of multiple audio programs— typically, a group of songs or pieces of music. (Savage, 2014) Mastering also to my understanding is a final mix after the […]

Studio 3 Week 1

A new season and a new trimester for Studio 3 for me and very much looking forward to it a bit nervous and unsure. Last trimester had a fair bit of its challenges but I managed to get through it pretty well. I feel that this time there is more that I must do as […]

Side Project (Foolish Ole Me) breakdown

Artist: Maroon 5Album: Won’t Go Home Without YouReleased: 2007Genre: PopRecorded: 2006 A side project for Roy that we recorded with aesthetics from 2000 pop genre era called Foolish ‘Ole Me making reference to Won’t Go Home by Maroon 5, released in 2007. I played drums, mix & recording engineer roles and keyboards as my contribution […]

Mix Breakdown (Give)

For the LO3 I will focus on 3 different techniques that are reverb, vocal EQ and compression. Artist: Earth, Wind & FireAlbum: SeptemberReleased: 1978Nominations: CMT Music Award for CMT Performance of the YearGenres: Disco, R&B/Soul On 26th of November we recorded vocals for the song “Give” and our aim was to to get the 70s […]

Mix breakdown (Wabaraka) Instrumental

Artist: Oliver MtukudziAlbum: Tuku MusicTitle: Ndima ndapedzaReleased: 1999 I chose to use this song as reference to the instrumental that we recorded with the bend. The track conveys a mood of energy and dance as the music is invigorating with a solid bassline that has a pure relationship with the kick drum. It has a […]