A transition to a new a new studio in most cases is little tricky. For me having to learn new, large mixing consoles with knobs and faders gave me moment of anxiety.

Signal flow is a very important part of learning how to run a Neve console together with a DAW. I was so excited to learn this console for the first time and at the same time confused with the structure design, which is different from the Audient consoles that I became used to. It has an old school looking panels and old school stylised VU meters, solid pots and buttons. It has an interesting “Retro” option that changes the modern mix bus to the old style voltage mix bus. I believe the more I practise the Neve console to get my confidence up. It is a new challenge that needs more consistent learning to improve my skills.

I set to learn how make sure I follow the correct procedure like turning the consoles powerboard, the interfaces which run 32 inputs and outputs then lastly the monitors. I managed to get the hang of it on the following day and did a recording with my group mates. The sweet thing about this console is that once you get the basic signal flow and the patchbay then things do run smoothly. Tip: It is very important to familiarise with the patchbay and practise more often to get more confidence.

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