Session 2 and 3, the class was divided in two, one half was doing an activity in the studio, a mixing workshop where we were given a drum recording of 14 audio tracks and a bass audio track and mix on the desk. Adrian our lecturer did his mix first and then challenged us to do our mix as group so that we can compare contrast the two mixes. This activity, in my opinion, was really useful, interesting and important, we all mixed on the desk before but it is different doing it in small groups because people have different approaches that you might not have thought about and to me it’s a great experience learning from others and seeing it first hand.

The track we were given was an upbeat Indian rock song with a punchy kick without all the really low frequencies so, punchy but light living the most room for the snare hits that were really tight without any odd resonances and quite a low sounding for a snare. The feedback we got for the lecturer was that we got quite close to his mix track and agreed that our mix was better than his because his mix had a bleed or spill from the talk back mic. I found that to be hilarious. The second half of the class we had Guy cooper in the Neve studio showcasing some of the mix he did in England at Albion road studios. I really enjoyed how the mix were so solid and solid. He also showed us a couple of plugins he used for delays and reverb. This brought me to a whole new thinking level and put my perspective in a different dimension which hopefully would implement it in the next projects.

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