Artist: Oliver Mtukudzi
Album: Tuku Music
Title: Ndima ndapedza
Released: 1999

I chose to use this song as reference to the instrumental that we recorded with the bend. The track conveys a mood of energy and dance as the music is invigorating with a solid bassline that has a pure relationship with the kick drum. It has a soca afro fusion feel which is quite upbeat.

The mission was to replicate the energy level and dance mood into our song with the same soca afrofusion style which again upbeat. Using the production methodology during mixing with the feedback we received from Stephane, we made sure we align the bass intime with the snare drum. Whenever we finished aligning we would put crossfades to ensure the continuation of the bass and kick without a glitch. It was quite a tedious job but I would say it was better than using elastic audio or beat detective. I mean we did use them but they would mess the audio up and so at time shortcut is not the easy way. Despite being time consuming we managed to get it right.

Tuning the drums was quite a challenge for the drummer on the recording day. one of the toms had missing items that made it impossible to tune it and therefore we had to leave it. We had two snares and he tuned both then chose one to work with although they were not sounding the best. He made the best out of those drum anyhow and what was important was the vibe in the live room that was alive and fun. I do feel that such a vibe allowed the drum to be nice and solid. less EQ was done and we spent more time working with compressors as we had spill from other mics. Not that spill is a bad thing but we just wanted a solid outcome just like how the drums sound on the reference track.

WIth all these elements in mind and the vision of what we wanted on our final product to sound, I do feel that we a reasonable outcome. It may not fully stand up to the commercial standards but at least it carries the aesthetics we were aiming for. I do believe that the more time we spend listening to reference material we will get the essence right. Working together during recording, editing and mixing made our work between Roy and I awesome. We worked as a team and we managed to do majority of our tasks within the stipulated time frame. As a whole, this project was fun and had opportunities for learning through experiments. It has been a great exercise to complete and shows the skills needed to be creative and the ever evolving audio industry.

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