To achieve LO16 Interdisciplinary Audio assets I contacted my young brother who is based in Perth if we could work together on a project. He is currently studying in the multimedia field and has completed his diploma and heading for the BA.

He came up with a script and named it Dog eat dog and did the shooting of the video and he sent it through google drive. Roy and I decided to be creative on how we would add some interactive music to it. Using Pro tools we exported the video and Roy added an acoustic guitar to it with a bit of a jazz feel. I did some sound design by adding a horror effect during the suspense moments. I also added a piano playing in G flat major and minimal drums (hi hats & snare brushes).

I feel good about this project as the communication between the disciplines was easy and effective within the short space of time. The communication was based on messages, phone calls and emails. Roy and i spend more time in the studio discussing how to tackle the challenge and I am glad we were both on the same level and mindset.

I gave my brother some feedback on using multiple microphone for the next project. The challenge we had in this project was that all the vocals were recorded on one mic. It was then a challenge for us to separate the vocals and mix it. Multiple microphones would have made it more rich. This project has helped me once again on my communication skills. The more I make clear communication chances of a good outcome would be high enough.

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