For project two, the plan is to work together in a group (with Roy, Dec, Tom and Tegan), and try to find another interdisciplinary project to work on like a Graphic design student.

We had our project pitch as a team for project 2 which is recording two songs that have two genres merged together similar to project one. My role in the team is to record some percussion which may include bongos, congas and shakers.

We hope to start recording by end of week 9 the two songs and hopefully tidying up the tracks and mixing by end of week 10. I am hoping that we can also collaborate with animation students. We had two Animation students who presented themselves in class and they are keen to work with group. Hopefully we are able to sell the idea to them and work together.

I am thought working with my young brother who is currently studying Bachelor of film on a short story project as my side project. I have started my pitch to him so that he can process the idea and we can brainstorm it. Hopefully by the end of the week we would have come up with a tangible idea.

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