Draxx project 2 had an extra member join it and we managed to record two songs, King Drac’s Lullaby ( Oh how I feel) and Burn your Cross. The aim of this project was to have at least 3 songs for an EP and both songs were written and vocals done by Roy.

The theme of theatrical and EDM was continued from the first project to the second project to keep the consistency for our target audience. It was a good challenge for me to integrate rock music and EDM as genre which I had never explode and experimented. For this project I gave one of the team members the opportunity to play keys on both tracks. I took the chance to add a little percussion using bongos on both tracks.

My perspective on the project is that we could have had a pretty good shot on our recordings for them coming out to be nice,tight and solid. What do I mean? First I loved the guitar done by Roy and shows experience and solidity. The challenge was the drum recording. I had suggested before that the drummer spend more time practising the songs so we can have a good take once we started recording. We almost did 10 takes or more for each song which really ate our time and was a bit discouraging. But I kept a positive spirit to have the recordings done and kept encouraging that we would the drums later in the edit session.

The EDM I felt like this needed more attention. I know Tom was responsible for EDM and I would expect him at least to be quick enough to work on it but it took a long time to have it. The difficult thing is that he uses software which none us uses (fruity loops). If he had adopted the use of the midi studio probably we all would have an input and work together to produce something unique in a short space of time. I have encouraged him to start thinking of working EDMs in the midi studio.

In terms of teamwork I think we did well working together, a few issues with one of the members not really available to work as a team, here and there would come but not constantly. Whilst the four of us are trying to record and get the signal flow working I would see our group member spending more time trying to catch up with personal things (wrong timing). We still did have chat about teamwork and kept encouraging. Communication as a team was pretty good through slack and direct phone calls. During group presentations everyone was involved and present.

Recording bongos for me was an interesting challenge. It had its positives and negatives. the positive being able to record and the experience. The negative would be the timing of the drums was pretty challenging even though I tried with a click track. It was a whole new experience for me and I endeavour to keep practising for I might come up with a percussive project in future. I also enjoyed my time as the the tech guy in the studio doing drum microphone techniques. With the knowledge acquired during the trimester with Guy Cooper I did implement some ideas of micing the drum to get some good sound out of it through the Neve. In Fact I did a quarter of the techniques which i learnt, but I would like to practise more in our next projects coming.

“Good recordings make mixing easy and fun”. A quote by Guy Cooper which I felt to be very important. We spent a lot of time trying to fix the drums putting them in time and I believe this could be avoided by having a good take. I got good tips on mixing that less is more, meaning use less buses and auxiliaries to cut the time shot and be more efficient. I resonated with that concept as I would like to be efficient, fast, effective when approaching mix sessions from now. Guy Gray gave great tips on 3d stereo imaging how the movement of sound can create imagery when listening

Online presence for me I feel like I should have done more. I did blogs weekly updating what i was up to but I feel I should have been more deliberate on showcasing my projects on social media. Probably I was not that confident to that and I have started to adopt the idea of producing more work and showcasing online and social media. I also need to work on more on my time management. I believe procrastination is the thief of time and I need to pull up my ability to a more practical level of managing my time on my projects. Applying professionalism is something I will start implementing and practising as preparation for excellence.

In as much as I feel I could have done more for this project, I believe we learn from every experience to grow to another level. I do want to keep working on my personal project to bring the best out of me day by day. Greatness is within me and I want to bring it out from what I learn.

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