I have learnt that it is vital to have critical and analytical skills to display quality listening. To analyse a piece a music requires a framework that would enable to break down the song such as EQ, Filtering, Spatial Effects, Panning, Reverb and Delay, Dynamics Processing , Stereo Image , Dramatic signal processing , Timbrel control etc , to understand exactly what you are listening for. In this trimester I will be doing these basic frameworks and they are both different categories when used to evaluate a a piece of music.


Feeling and meaning I believe are part of Analytical listening, sound gives us meaning and some perspective in our lives. The overall sound and feel of the music or track, emotionally is vital in order to get the correct message across. My listening knowledge, experience and analytical reasoning do play an important role in understanding music messages within various musical styles.


Critical listening on the other hand comes from the point of view of the engineer. As an engineer my perspective I would be listening to the physical details of the music. Stereo imaging, tone, dynamic range, frequency response and how instruments blend together. I believe my brain will be challenged by understanding how to interpret the sounds that i hear and how it reacts which will determine probably how I make decisions.

I am hoping to get these techniques and practises to be able to get good results in music production and engineering work. In conclusion analytical and critical listening are both different and are both important.

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