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Distortion is a processing of signal affecting amplitude, which overdrives a signal then clips it. This causes a sustain and adds both harmonic and dissonant overtones (Moylan, 2007)In session 2 and 3, we studied the concept of distortion, what ist, how to create it, and why would you want to use it. Distortion and in […]

Week 9

In this class session we pretty much had time to discuss with our lecturer on our group and individual progress helping us to progress on our LOs if we are getting them ticked off. As an individual I still need to have them ticked and some of the LOs that are required are group focused. […]

Project 1 Post Mortem

CLO1 (Soft Skills/Transferable Skills – Project Management) We spent week 1 finding a project and create a plan, we then created weekly objectives to always be on track with the project, chose 1 scratch track as final deliverables and finally reach out to Animation student to create the cover artwork and animation. Issues that happened: personally, it […]