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Music Production in Apple Logic Pro X & Avid Pro Tools

Today I had an opportunity to learn another DAW ( Apple Logic Pro X). On the surface, Avid Pro Tools and Apple Logic Pro X are very similar. They basically perform the same overall functions and are both very popular audio recording software options. When it comes to audio recording software, the market is flooded with endless choices. Generally, […]

Track Teardown: FRIENDS

TRACK TEARDOWN: JUSTIN BIEBER & BLOODPOP – FRIENDS This is a sonic teardown of Justin Bieber & Bloodpop’s, “Friends” Written By – BloodPop®, Justin Bieber, Julia Michaels & Justin Tranter Vocals – Justin Bieber Recording – Josh Gudwin Backing Vocals – BloodPop® & Julia Michaels Mixing – Mark “Spike” Stent Synthesizer – BloodPop® Bass – […]

Critical Listening

CRITICAL & ANALYSIS FRAMEWORKS I have learnt that it is vital to have critical and analytical skills to display quality listening. To analyse a piece a music requires a framework that would enable to break down the song such as EQ, Filtering, Spatial Effects, Panning, Reverb and Delay, Dynamics Processing , Stereo Image , Dramatic […]

Project Pitch

One thing I have learnt is to be well prepared when it comes to presentations for a project pitch. Over the weekend I did spend time preparing the powerpoint presentation and did some good research for out project. However I did discover that a group may have a pitch prepared but when you have no […]