Reflection on major project postmoterm

Nick Holmes is an artist who is on a journey of self discovery. I loved his energy when we met and the more I got to know him, I realised he would be the perfect match for this project. He was new to the recording world, hyped up, hungry to get in, available and flexible. […]

Reflection on side project

This was an interesting project. We had a visit at SAE from an Australian artist Alex Mills, born in Barbados. We had the pleasure of recording his live vocals and acoustic guitar in the Neve studio. This gave us an unforgettable hands on experience on what it will look and feel like working with a […]

Funk Vocal Processing Techniques

I have a strong desire to bring back that vintage style retro vocals in our funk project & achieving this milestone will require some research on how to do it. Bands like Motown , Bruno Mars, Amy Winehouse incorporate therapy recording methods & processing to give that old school vibe to a song. Analog Processors […]

Recording Funk synths

What is funk music? According to Encyclopaedia is a rhythm driven musical genre popular in the 1970s & early 1980s that linked soul & later other musical styles within the African American community. Our project with Roy is to record a funk EP but to do that I have to explore on how to record […]

Recording 70s Funk Drums mic techniques

Recording 70s drums is a technique that I would like to spend time on researching & understand so that I can incorporate the techniques in our funk project as it is our inspiration. 70s drums were characterised with focus & tight sounding while sounding fat & full. The choice for the mic placement & EQ/ […]

5.1 Surround Sound

Introduction The amazing world of the 5.1 surround sound. Even before I discovered my passion in Audio, my excitement every time I listened to music or watched a movie on surround sound left me with a sense of contentment. Let’s explore the 5.1 surround sound. It can be defined as basically 3 or more speakers […]

Zoom meeting with artist (Nick Holmes)

A new season I would say for real with all that is happening with covid 19, & this has directly impacted on my major project which I am undertaking with Roy Fry. Our plan & intention was to record a 5 track Ep with artist musician Nick Holmes. My communication with Nick has been very […]

Alex Mills (remix)

I took the opportunity to work on Alex Mills song as a side project with instrumentals already done by him before whilst vocals were tracked in the S6 studio at SAE. Alex has a great voice and excellent skills on the acoustic guitar. Now the idea I had was to redo the instrumentals for the […]

Case study 2 Billie jean

The 80s music I grew up on did have so much influence in the way I interpret music to this day therefore I have chosen Michael Jackson to examine the aesthetics and production techniques explored. The knowledge I hope to explore it in the project I & Roy with artist Nick Holmes are producing a […]